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Other competitions ramp up this week and nextAfter a relative respite from a lot of school music activity, Dreamhorserecords things are once again starting to get busy.Jazz band season is just a few weeks away, but guard season will be kicking into high gear in just one more week. The term “guard” refers to the color guards, or flag units, from the schools that accompany the bands during the fall. In the springtime, most of the schools keep their guards training and improving skills by competing in a sport called winterguard. Each group presents a show that is most easily described as an indoor halftime show. The groups utilize flags, rifles and other equipment, and each show incorporates a great deal of dance and athletic movement. Mens Shoes Taipei The groups perform to a recorded soundtrack.

Mens Shoes Taipei
Mens Shoes Taipei

The West Texas Color Guard Circuit is the governing body for our local groups, and they organize a series of contests over the course of three months that culminate in a circuit championship. DreamhorserecordsThe season this year will consist of four weekends spread out over two months. The first set of contests will take place Feb. 7 at Americas High School followed by one the following day, Feb. 8, at Desert View Middle School. The Saturday contest is hosted by Hanks High School.On Feb. 28, Socorro High School will host the evening contest, with Horizon High School holding its contest March 1. The championship event will be hosted by Americas High School. Admission costs for the contests are $6 for adults and $5 for students.At the championship event, which features a preliminary/finals format, the admission to either session rises to $7 for adults and $6 for students, Women’s Shoes Yupoo or you may purchase a combination ticket for both sessions for $12 adults and $10 students.

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Women’s Shoes Yupoo

The contest recognizes a living composer each year by adding works from their repertoire to the performance requirements. This year the featured composer is Christos Tsitsaros. Dreamhorserecords Saturday in the Fox Recital Hall. The orchestras include young musicians 8 to 22 years old, and meet once a week for several hours to rehearse for the series of concerts they present each year. The orchestras are now in their eighth year of existence and the program includes more than 300 orchestral members. The director of the program, which is sponsored by the El Paso Symphony Orchestra, is Andy Moran.On Sunday the groups will present a program full of great classic orchestral pieces including “Hungarian Dance No. 1”  Kids Shoes Size by Johannes Brahms and “L’Arlesienne Suite No. 2” by George Bizet.